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Only the finest ingredients are selected for our premium lifeforce tonics
We seek out the highest quality fresh organic ingredients for use in our potent lifeforce tonics

We crafted the potent Granite lifeforce range for high energy and regenerating properties. Infusing in an abundant array of minerals, vitamins and immunity building ingredients with top of the line superfoods.

Granite is made with only real Ingredients, devoid of any chemicals, pesticides and GMO’s. Unlike many other health drinks, we are committed to keeping our tonics in a living form, so as to raise the vibrational frequency for you.

All of our organic tonics are unpasteurised as to capture all of valuable nutrients and life force (Qi) that you need daily.

Each ingredient is carefully selected for it's unique health benefits. Granite has an energising and remineralisng effect, making it particularly great for athletic individuals.

Celebrate great vitality with Granite!

  • Organic

    We use only the finest fresh organic ingredients, and we buy locally where possible.

  • Fresh

    Granite contains ultra fresh ingredients. Our 'Turmeric Gold' is made with only freshly juiced turmeric root, not a dry powdered extract.

  • Immune boosting

    Granite is designed to boost immune function, through the use of carefully selected, highly potent botanicals.

  • Safe

    Our tonics are safe for everyone, even young children. Granite contains no allergens such as gluten, soy, nuts, colorings, flavorings, artificial sweeteners, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

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granite lifeforce tonics

Our invigorating tonics are designed for optimum vitality and well-being
Turmeric Gold

The Spice Of Life

Chili Glow

Heart Warming

Ginger Zing

Energize Your Soul



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Kathy Just
Kathy Just
It is indeed an honor to have you visit us. My gift to you is offering you what Steve and I love to live for… Luminous health! My raw food journey in the past 12 years or so, meditation, has lead me to abundant health. After experiencing how light and sound can energize and let the body heal itself, well… it just keeps getting better.
Steve Weller
Steve Weller

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